• Filter Element 1201652: Innovative Solution for Efficient Oil Purification

    Filter element 1201652 is a high-performance coalescing and separation filter element specially designed for dewatering oil filters. With its excellent water removal and filtration capabilities, it ensures the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. The core competitiveness of filter element 1201652 lies ...
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  • Oil Station Filter LH0060D025BN/HC: Plans for Reducing Oil Pollution

    As a key component in the lubricating oil circulation system, the hydraulic oil station filter element LH0060D025BN/HC is responsible for filtering impurities and protecting equipment from pollution damage. In order to minimize the contamination of lubricating oil, extend the service life of equi...
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  • Adjusting the Maintenance Strategy of Cellulose Filter 01-094-002

    Nugent Cellulose filter element 01-094-002 plays the role of purification ambassador in the turbine fire-resistant oil regeneration device, which is essential for maintaining oil quality. This article will discuss how to reasonably adjust the maintenance strategy of cellulose filter elements befo...
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  • BLADDER NXQ-AB-40/20 L Y: Versatile energy storage in hydraulic systems

    BLADDER NXQ-AB-40/20 L Y: Versatile energy storage in hydraulic systems

    In a hydraulic system, the accumulator bladder (also called an air bladder) is a vital component that plays a variety of roles in the system, including storing energy, stabilizing pressure, reducing power consumption, compensating leakage, and absorbing pressure. Pulsation and impact reduction, e...
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  • Bellows globe valve (welded) WJ25F3.2P: an excellent solution for hydrogen pipelines

    Bellows globe valve (welded) WJ25F3.2P: an excellent solution for hydrogen pipelines

    The bellows globe valve (welded) WJ25F3.2P is such a valve designed for low-temperature environments and hydrogen pipelines. With its special design and manufacturing process, it meets the harsh working conditions under extreme medium temperatures, sizes and pressure levels. The versatility of t...
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  • Emergency Response Measures to EH Oil Station Air Filter PFD-8AR

    The air filter PFD-8AR not only ensures the cleanliness of the fire-resistant oil in the turbine tank, but also maintains the balance of pressure inside and outside the tank. However, any equipment may fail. When the air filter PFD-8AR suddenly fails or a large amount of impurities are detected, ...
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  • Solenoid valve HQ16.14Z: a key component for turbine safety protection

    Solenoid valve HQ16.14Z: a key component for turbine safety protection

    The solenoid valve HQ16.14Z is a specially designed electromagnetic control valve that plays a vital role in the emergency tripping system of the steam turbine. The main function of the solenoid valve is to monitor the operating parameters of the steam turbine in real time, such as temperature, p...
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  • Cellulose Filter 01-388-013 For Regeneration of Steam Turbine EH Oil

    In the steam turbine fire-resistant oil regeneration system, the cellulose filter element 01-388-013 plays a vital role. It is responsible for filtering out tiny particles, moisture and other harmful impurities in the oil to ensure that the fire-resistant oil remains clean, thereby protecting exp...
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  • Set Replacement Cycle of Power Plant Filter Element FAX 400*10

    The fire-resistant oil filter element FAX-400×10 is a high-efficiency filter component designed for hydraulic systems and is commonly used in the fire-resistant oil circulation system of large mechanical equipment such as steam turbines. The main function of this type of filter element is to...
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  • Operating Procedure for Replacing Oil Filter Element 1300R050W/HC/-B1H/AE-D

    For industrial hydraulic equipment, regular replacement of filter elements is a key link to ensure system cleanliness, improve equipment stability and extend service life. The oil filter element 1300R050W/HC/-B1H/AE-D is a common high-efficiency filter element widely used in hydraulic or lubricat...
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  • Evaluate the Differential Pressure of Jacking Oil Pump Suction Filter SFX-850*20

    As the guardian of the top shaft oil pump, the performance of the jacking oil filter SFX-850*20 directly affects the cleanliness and flow efficiency of the oil. Real-time monitoring of the pressure difference before and after this filter element can not only accurately evaluate its filtration eff...
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  • Compatibility of Choosing EH Oil Filter DP1A601EA03V/-W for Steam Turbine

    The performance of steam turbine fire-resistant oil can directly affect the reliability and operating efficiency of system equipment, including various oil pumps and servo valves. Among them, the EH oil filter element DP1A601EA03V/-W is a key component at the outlet of the main oil pump. Its corr...
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